Dreams: Concealed truth.

Every person, may be successful or not, has a story, one that can influence, one that can inspire. A dream, the one that remains a mere dream, awaiting to be fulfilled, a dream that was once the base we lived on, once an everyday morning wish.

Dreams are made either of misty clouds of future or the very hidden stars in the sky, but if they exist, they exist to shine.

This is the truth, if man has the ability to dream, he also has the ability to fulfill them. No dreams should be left to be written in a story, dreams exist to be the successful cover page in the book of your life, that should give hope to more of disheartened and coward souls.

I have been seen a million times, and a million dreams know me well. 

It is really okay to dream beyond capabilities, but it will then require you to work harder than your capacities. But do not fear, for that is the bait we are born for, in this rattrap, this world.





College life begins now!

Dear readers,

I apologize for being unconnected to you for long.

A new college life was awaiting, and I was trying to get used to it, to the very stereotyped college life, mine was again exceptional, as usual. Government colleges in India stay very stereotyped to the minds of its students, and mostly, it stood to all of those expectations, that are constructed with most of the government colleges in India. A lush green campus pointing towards the authenticity and its age, I could breathe the air of pride for the strong alumini network the college had. Various students, from varied backgrounds, different places and culture, just connected by the epic zeal they had, to evolve, to renew and to grow. Orientations posed us the remaining pride we could have owed for the college, we have just entered in, not that the event was managed well, but it had speeches that mentioned exaggerated forms of all it had, as a college and a reputated institution, and much of what it didn’t. Seniors could do nothing but bestow their pity upon the freshers, who knew nothing real about the college, and about the “Zero Ragging Campus” posters it counted. Seniors knew it all, and that could be seen in the eyes. Still, We had no option other than making out a best out of waste search. And, I would still say, it was a good college, as it could teach best what it meant when someone said “Struggle is what you can earn, to get out of here successfully.” It would be great treasure hunt game, which would definitely offer opportunities, but would never display them. If you grab them it is yours, and if you can’t, you lose it. That were the first day lessons. Better is yet to come, hopefully.

Although I cannot be sure about the overall personality development, I can be assure about a good engineer that could be produced out of me here, expectedly.







A new piece of heart!

Just after you left my heart scattered into innumerable pieces, I thought of getting myself, a new piece of heart.

Since, it has been hurt so many times that no one could it trust again, I Thought of getting myself, a brand new, a stronger one, new piece of unbreakable heart. They all want me trust again, to feel again, but I found my heart malfunctioning, too experienced and old, that I thought of getting myself a new piece of heart.

Brutal enough to hold it all on, this fake humanity, cruel enough to answer it all, this harsh reality, kind enough to trust again blindly, strong enough to slay the bad, slightly, all new, a new piece of heart.

But then, it has been too expensive to be stolen again, to fall again, this new piece of heart! This silly body part of mine is spoiling it all.


Perceptiom reforms the reality

That is the power of perception. its never about what you say, but about how the other persom perceves it. Sitting in the Himalayas, and thinkimg about all this is pretty beautiful, around the mountains, in calmed protection of weather , surrounded by blossomimg trees and some more beautiful souls. The small signs of life in the dense forests here in the form of small lights are like light lamps of hopes for a tired and a needy traveller, that is how I perceive it, the paved curvy paths depicting the beauty and ups and downs of life, the flow of water teaching me the importance of continuity, effimeral beauty of nature and that, the “gone” would never return, and that, what is destined is meant to happen at any cost, no matter how much we try to stop it, although it can be deviated, moderated amd reformed as the direction of river is changed by building a huge wall. Tall trees teaching me wisdom and peace and wind breezes teachimg me to move ahead, fearing none.

That is my perception, yours may be different, yours may be new.